Astoria 18.5W Short Neck PAR30



The Astoria is perfect for accent lighting where independent dimming of fixtures is key. Featuring a classic cylinder design and an integral potentiometer for onboard dimming. Paired with a Soraa Short Neck lamp, this fixture is capable of dimming below 1%.

By utilizing Soraa’s Snap System, there are unlimited possibilities for customizing this fixture. Options include the ability to field change the beam angle (Beam Spreader Snap), alter color temperature (CTO Snap), or add a louver. Color Snaps can be used to produce brilliant hues of most colors that Rosco or Lee offer.

The Enhance Lens Snap can increase the vividness of warm colors (including red, orange, and pink, and greens). Aim Snaps can bend the beam to a maximum deflection angle of 20°. Linear Snap Lenses can alter the beam to act as a wall wash.

Available in standard black, white, and silver finishes. Custom colors are available by request and at an additional charge.

  • Performance equivalent to 75W halogen PAR lamp
  • Internal self-locking yoke
  • Integral potentiometer included
  • Vented rear spinning
  • Numerous mounting options
  • Industry-leading lumen maintenance and color point stability
  • ELV and Triac Dimmable

Additional Info

LED PAR Luminaires
≤ 1,000

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